Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epilation?

Epilation removes body hair, including the hair follicle, using a mechanical device, tweezers, or wax. This is now the most effective method for short-term hair removal.

What is an Epilator?

Epilators are electrical devices that grasp the hair and pull it out, and individuals often use them to remove undesired hair. Like waxing, epilators remove hair, but unlike waxing, they do not damage the epidermis by eliminating cells from the epithelium.

Do Epilators Work?

Hair gets caught in at least twenty discs or coils, simultaneously pulling them out of their follicles. An epilator can often remove hair with a diameter of less than a millimeter. 

Is it OK to epilate private parts?

Even though this region is more delicate than other areas of the body, shorter pubic hair may be safely and successfully removed using an epilator. If your hair is longer than 3 millimeters, trim it before you epilate. 

Does More Hair Grow Back If I Epilate?

No. There’s a common misconception that your hair will come back fuller once you shave or epilate. We attribute the misunderstanding to the fact that women are more likely to epilate in the summer, when hot weather boosts circulation and provides hair follicles with more fuel, resulting in faster growth.

This has been disproved by dermatological examinations. Studies suggest that continuous epilation has the opposite effect. After epilating, your skin will be hair-free for weeks, and the hair that comes back will be refined and softer, making future epilations less of a chore.

Does My Hair Need To Be Long Or Short?

When using epilation, short hairs are ideal. The longer the hair, the greater the risk that the tweezers may snap it rather than rip it out of the root. Because then you have to manually pluck out the damaged hairs with a tweezer, which is something we want to prevent.

Can I Epilate My Bum?

Even though your butt crack might be an exception, epilators and other ways to get rid of hair are usually not recommended for that area. Some of these ways of getting rid of hair can be pretty unpleasant because they can cause pain, bleeding, and burning.

Can I Do A Brazilian With An Epilator?

Even if you may use an epilator to get the look of a Brazilian, you should realize that it isn’t always the best tool for the job. Some people find that epilators work better than waxing for keeping their Brazilian wax in good shape. Utilize it to maintain a pristine bikini line.

Can You Epilate Pubic Hair?

Yes, you can. To know more about the right way to epilate intimate areas, read my detailed blog on epilating pubic hair.

Why Does Hair Grow Back If I Have Removed It From Its Root?

Epilation removes hair from the root without harming the root itself. In this way, the hair may continue to grow, but it will be many weeks before it once again reaches the surface of the skin.

How Can I Avoid Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hair is twisted and curled hair that grow in the improper direction. This results in a bump that hurts and could be unsightly. Regular exfoliation is your greatest line of protection against ingrown hairs. Epilation is made easier by the skin being more elastic and relaxed.

Why Do I Get Pimples After Epilating?

It is common for people to get folliculitis, a bumpy rash that resembles pimples, after having their hair waxed or removed. For the most part, inflammation is to blame. Most cases of inflammation resolve without medical intervention. Folliculitis may be the outcome of a minor infection if you have white or fluid-filled pimples that linger longer than a few days.

How Do I Calm My Skin After Epilating?

When in doubt, moisturize AFTER epilating rather than beforehand. Use a hydrating body lotion before bed to get the optimum smoothing effects and prepare to emerge from your slumber with baby-smooth skin.

How Do I Prevent Bumps After Epilating?

Good gel options include aloe vera. Avoid epilating the day of a large event, and remain out of the sun until inflammation diminishes, since the skin may seem inflamed with small red bumps shortly thereafter. Remove dead skin cells once every several days to avoid ingrown hair.

Do Epilators Hurt?

Yep! Although effective, epilators may be somewhat painful. What’s the old saying? The truth is that epilating hurts, particularly when you initially start. The discomfort will lessen as your body adjusts to the change. You really shouldn’t use an epilator if you’re a wimp about pain. However, for decades now, women all over the globe have opted for epilators over less unpleasant alternatives because of the positive results they achieve.

How Do I Prepare My Skin For Epilating?

Taking a warm shower or bath is the greatest way to get your skin ready for epilation. Your skin will feel fresh and relaxed. Exfoliating once per week is also advised. Exfoliation may remove any dead skin cells that are restricting the entrances to the hair follicles. After epilation, your skin will be quite sensitive, so avoid exfoliating just before or right after. Exfoliating a day or two before epilation is recommended.

How Do I Prepare My Hair For Epilating?

Two days before to epilation, the skin should be exfoliated to make hair extraction easier. Pick from a variety of exfoliation tools, like as gloves, lotion, and brushes. Get your skin ready for epilation by getting rid of any ingrown hairs and dead skin.

Does Epilation Hurt More Than Waxing?

If you ask this question to 10 different ladies, you will receive as many different answers.
Certain may find it even more painful than waxing. However, this is not the case for everyone. The discomfort of waxing might be too much for certain people, but epilation is far more comfortable for them. It works both ways, too.
Pain from epilation lasts longer than that from waxing since fewer hairs are pulled out at once. In order to get an epilated look, one must go slowly and pluck out less hair at once. Pain is often not as severe all at once.

What If I Have Sensitive Skin?

It is true that epilation is better than other ways of getting rid of hair because it is easier on the skin. You can also shave while you are in the shower or bath. The warm water takes away the pain and softens the skin, which stays that way for weeks. Many epilators on the market today are made to be used with bath gel and have hypoallergenic heads that make cleaning even easier.

Is Epilation Better Than Waxing?

Hair removal methods that pull the hair out at the root include epilation and waxing. Waxing has a number of drawbacks, including being time-consuming and painful, damaging to the skin, and causing the hair to lie flat against the skin and be more difficult to remove.

Can I Use An Epilator On My Face?

You can use epilator on face. It is safe to use facial epilator.

How Do I Exfoliate For Epilation?

No need to stress if you forgot to exfoliate before you epilate. Regular exfoliation is essential for maintaining soft, healthy skin. In the hours before or after epilating, your skin may be too sensitive to handle the procedure, increasing the risk of marks and rashes. Body gels and epilating in the shower are great options if you want to use anything to smooth your skin.