Girl removing bikini hair with epilator

How to Use an Epilator on Pubic Hair?

Spotless, hairless, and smooth–words that get most of us girls excited. The constant spiky and stubbly pubic hair feeling can get a little uncomfortable. But, it is a fact of life for anybody who routinely uses a razor to remove hair from intimate areas. Enter the picture, EPILATORS.

These devices electronically remove hair using tweezing. Assuming you already know something about epilators, stick around to get an idea of how you can use an epilator for pubic hair. Let’s begin by preparing sensitive skin for epilation.

How to Epilate the Intimate Area in Easy Steps?

When you are finally done with the groundwork, take the final leap. Now, I want you to focus on the details I’m about to explain.

  • Choose the attachment correctly: Don’t start epilating with the attachment you use for your legs. Use a smaller one. If you have a dedicated bikini epilator, skip to the next step.
  • Keep the skin taut: The skin should be stretched before epilating. Apply pressure with two fingers to the problem region, then pull out the hairs. Your skin must be taut for the epilator to effectively hold the hair.
  • 90-degree angle: Hold the epilator at a 90° angle and gently slide it over the skin without abrupt motions. Always work in the opposite direction of growth. This ensures that the epilator’s tweezers grip and take out the hair as effectively as possible.If epilating by “passing over the skin” causes you discomfort, try doing it in smaller portions (“dab” with the epilator repeatedly on the skin). At this 90-degree angle, the epilator may be used with more precision and fewer abrasive jerking motions. 
  • Calm the skin: After epilation, the private area’s skin will get red. Apply cold compresses to help calm your skin when you’re finished epilating. Without either, a cooling glove or cold water will do the trick. The cooling effect closes the skin’s pores, sealing off the germs that may otherwise create an itchy rash.
  • Use soothing cream: After cleansing and drying, use a calming moisturizer. After shaving, I suggest trying out soothing After Shave Balm. It will help reduce swelling, redness, and other common issues after hair removal.
  • Loosen up on the clothes: Tight garments should be avoided for a few hours after epilation. Hair removal is best done at night. Pajama bottoms or other lightweight, loose pants are ideal. Another great idea is to use cotton knickers as underwear.

How to Prepare your Intimate Area for Epilation? 

To make epilating the intimate region less painful, keep a few things in mind and use different ways to make hair removal more pleasant.

  • Hair Length: Your hair should be about five millimeters long while epilating the intimate region. Trim the hair using your epilator’s trimmer or shave the region nearly four days before epilation.
  • A Clean Skin: A clean canvas is what you’ll need to work on. The epilator works better when you have clean skin. The power of exfoliation is often underestimated. 
  • Exfoliate the Area: Use a mild scrub. You can also make a scrub at home. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells and prevents inflammation and ingrown hair.
  • Wet Epilate: Warm water is the best catalyst for smooth hair removal. It relaxes the skin and softens the hair. Try the epilators that can be used in the shower. Warm water opens pores, making epilation easy and smooth.
  • Dry Epilate: If you have one of those dry epilators, you can reduce the friction and get warm shower-like effects with the holy grail of baby powder. Shower, following all the above-mentioned steps (minus the wet epilate), then dry yourself and powder your intimate area lightly. Now epilate like you usually would.

How Can I Make My Epilating Pubic Area Less Painful?

Wet tweezers are the best since you may use them in the shower to reduce the agony of plucking. Aside from the discomfort, you might have some ingrown hair sightings in the area. However, this is a transient response that may be alleviated with aftershave. 

Also, to reduce the risk of irritation, epilate several hours before going out. It will alleviate skin discomfort caused by garments rubbing against it. Use cold packs if you have any irritation following therapy. It is also beneficial to avoid direct sunlight before treatment.

Are Epilators Safe for Pubic Hair?

When appropriately used, epilators are a risk-free way to eliminate unwanted hair. It could hurt at first. Too much pressure or motion in the opposite direction of hair growth might cause the hair to be broken rather than plucked out by the root. These weakened hairs are more susceptible to ingrown because they are shorter.